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Tchamba.random, is a real random data genarator (letters, jokes, names...)
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Tchamba.random Build Status

Tchamba.random, is a real random data genarator (letters, jokes, names...)

The idea

The name was invented by my friends Hammadi Ilyes and Bahri Aimene, and it was a joke. Now [we] are trying to implement it in order to get random data.


First install the tchamba package

  pip install tchamba

How to use

Import tchamba in your python file and use any of the functions :

    from tchamba import *

    # Print a random letter (Uppercase and undercase letters included)
    print random_letter()

    # Print a random lowercase letter
    print random_lowercase()

    # Print a random uppercase letter
    print random_uppercase()

    # Print a random digit
    print random_digit()

    # Print a random punctuation mark ( includes these chars !"#$%&\'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\\]^_`{|}~  )
    print random_punctuation()

    # Print a random printable char from the concatenation of digits, ascii_letters, punctuation, and whitespaces.
    # [might return crazy characters like a Carriage Return, a Vertical Tabulator, or a Form Feed]
    print random_printable()

    # Print a random string with a given length
    # might return ugly results because it uses random_printable
    print random_string_given_len(42)

    # Print a random string with a random length between the given min_length and max_length
    # might return ugly results because it uses random_printable
    print random_string_rand_len(1, 20)

    # To print a random Chuck Norris joke (Internet connection needed)
    print random_chuck_joke()

    # Print a random hex color (ex: #02c65a)
    print random_hex_color()

    # Print a list of RGB color (ex: [31,12,15])
    print random_rgb_color()

    # Print a random Pokemon name (Internet connection needed)
    print random_pokemon()

    # Get a fake person (Internet connection needed)
    person = random_fake_person()
    for i in person:
        print i, person[i]

    # Get a random football team (Internet connection needed)
    football_team = random_football_team()

    # Print a random word (Internet connection needed) or it returns 'potatoes'
    print random_word()

    # Get and print random Wikipedia article (Internet connection needed) or it will return "Python article"
    article = random_wikipedia_article()
    print article['title']
    print article['text']

    # Get a JSON containing an answer that could be yes, no or maybe. with a .gif image
    yes_no_answer = random_yes_no_maybe()
    print yes_no_answer['answer']
    print yes_no_answer['image']


If you have an idea, please feel free to submit an issue, or fork this project and add your awesome_random_function in file. I think that we need something cool and funny like this 😄 to use in our programs, for testing or for fun.


This package is using some of the best APIs on the Web, like:


MIT licensed Done by Fortas Abdeldjalil and all these awesome contributers.

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