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DCAT tools

Various DCAT tools for harvesting metadata from Belgian open data portals, converting metadata to DCAT-AP files and updating the Belgian portal.

The portal itself is a Drupal 7 website, based on Fedict's Openfed distribution plus two extra modules RestWS and RestWS i18n.


Only interested in the result ? The N-Triples and XML files (DCAT-AP) used to update can be found in the dcat repository

Overview of the tools



These tools can be used with Oracle Java runtime 1.8 (1.7 will probably work, but not tested), on a headless machine, i.e. there is no fancy GUI.

Internet connection is obviously required, although a proxy can be used.

Binaries can be found in dist/bin, compiling from source requires the Oracle JDK and Maven.

Main parts

  • Helper classes: for storing scraped pages locally, conversion tools etc.
  • Various scrapers: getting metadata from various repositories and websites, and turning the metadata into DCAT files
  • DCAT enhancers: for improving the DCAT files, e.g. map site-specific themes, add missing properties and prepare the files for updating
  • updater: update the (Drupal 7) website using the enhanced DCAT files
  • Some tools: link checker, EDP converter tool

There is also separate, stand-alone RDF validator project which can be used to validate DCAT metadata, regardless if the metadata is to be published on or not.

Steps for updating and the EU Data Portal

  • The various portals (except all) should be harvested using the scrapers.
  • The resulting RDF files must be improved using the enhancers
  • The enhanced files can be uploaded to the portal using the updater
  • Then use all enhancer to merge all the files from the various portals into one file datagovbe.nt
  • Convert the merged file using the EDP tool to an XML file called datagovbe_edp.xml
  • Upload both the datagovbe.nt and datagovbe_edp.xml to github
  • This will be used as input for the European Data Portal (scheduled Thursday morning, every week)


All configuration is done using Java (plain text) properties files. Some examples can be found in dist/cfg

See also the Notes


Various DCAT tools for updating




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