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pycerberus is a framework to check user data thoroughly so that you can protect your application from malicious (or just garbled) input data.

  • Remove stupid code which converts input values: After values are validated, you can work with real Python types instead of strings - e.g. 42 instead of '42', convert database IDs to model objects transparently.
  • Implement custom validation rules: Writing custom validators is straightforward and most things are well documented.
  • Focus on your value-adding application code: Save time by implementing every input validation rule only once, but 100% right instead of implementing a dozen different half-baked solutions.
  • Ready for global business: i18n support (based on GNU gettext) is built in, adding custom translations is easy.
  • Tune it for your needs: You can implement custom behavior in your validators, e.g. fetch translations from a database instead of using gettext or define custom translations for built-in validators.
  • Use it wherever you like: pycerberus is used in a SMTP server as well as traditional web applications. It also helps improving OCR results as part of custom OCR pipeline - there are no dependencies on a specific context like web development.


pycerberus is a library to validate user inputs data to protect your application from malicious (or just garbled) input data







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