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A QT/C++ client for Open-Transactions.
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Moneychanger (System Tray Oriented)

An intuitive QT/C++ system tray client for Open-Transactions.

Development (and Manual) Build Instuctions

Please refer to the platform specific build notes located in the "doc" directory for errata and other information.

Download the latest moneychanger code (If you are planning to contribute please contact the devs in #opentransactions @ irc chat)

git clone


Download QT tools (Qt Core Version 5.4.0+; 64bit compiling support Recomended for OT)

Open the file and press run.

First make sure you have installed the Open Transactions library.


cd Moneychanger
git submodule init && git submodule update
cd project
qmake && make -j4

(NB: qmake will be qmake-qt4 or qmake-qt5 on linux RH, Fedora)


(Only on Unix systems)

Install the following packages with your systems packagmanager (e.g. sudo apt-get install):

openssl > 1.0.0 (== 1.0.1h on OSX)

Note: qjsonrpc will be installed automatically as part of the 'make' command

Menu workaround for some window managers

Some window managers do not show the MoneyChanger icon in the systray. If Moneychanger starts and there's no tray menu icon, the following workaround will show the main menu in a separate window.

touch ~/.ot/knotworkpigeons

Then restart Moneychanger.


All development goes in develop branch - please don't submit pull requests to master.

Please do NOT use an editor that automatically reformats.

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