NativeCAM for LinuxCNC embeds in axis or gmoccapy interfaces
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Signed-off-by: Fernand Veilleux <>
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NativeCAM for LinuxCNC - realtime CAM

NativeCAM as a deb package can now be used with new stable release of LinuxCNC (2.7.9) It will be automatically updated after changes are published.


If not installed yet, follow instructions at

Type : 'ncam -h' Important readme files are catalogs/customize and catalogs/translating

  1. Stand alone mode

  1. Using the command : 'ncam' will create and use ~/nativecam directory and copy support files and links in the sub-directory ncam However it is not meant to be usefull unless LinuxCNC was/is loaded with the right SUBROUTINE_PATH except to explore it's features

  2. Embedded

  1. Use with any of the supplied examples from LinuxCNC Configuration Selector

  2. To use with your own inifile, it must first be edited. From a normal user terminal, change directory to the one that contains your inifile Using the command : ncam -i(inifilename) -c('mill' | 'plasma' | 'lathe') will automatically create a backup and modify your file. It will also prepare the sub-directory with needed files and links. If you use axis and -t option it will be embedded in a tab

  3. Start LinuxCNC normally with this command : linuxcnc inifilename

  4. Open an example project

  5. Tutorials

  1. Use menu help->NativeCAM on YouTube

    or follow this link

  2. Translation

Available French (fr) and German (de)