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Stable version

Stable version is the latest official release of FeynCalc. We don't have fixed development cycles so that the stable version is released just when it's ready. The code of the stable version is located in the hotfix-stable branch of our main repository. Since FeynCalc 9, all the bugs that are discovered in the latest stable version will be fixed in that branch. When you install FeynCalc using the automatic installer (see Automatic installation) you will automatically receive all the current fixes. Note that the stable branch will not contain any new features until the next stable release.

Automatic installation

  • Run the following instruction in a Kernel or Notebook session of Mathematica


    If the above code fails with URLFetch::invhttp: SSL connect error (e.g. on Mathematica 9 under OS X), try


Manual installation

  • Sometimes firewalls or other network issues prevent automatic installer from running properly. In this case it is still possible to install FeynCalc offline, i.e. using files downloaded by hand and without internet access.

  • To do so, you need to download the following 3 files:

  • Put these files to the same folder. In the following I assume that it is "/home/vs/Downloads" which will be of course different on your system. Then open Mathematica and run

    (*Change myPath accordingly! *)
    myPath = "/home/vs/Downloads";
    $PathToFCArc = FileNameJoin[{myPath,""}];
    $PathToFAArc = FileNameJoin[{myPath,""}];
  • This should install FeynCalc and patched FeynArts on your system even when no internet connection is available.

Development version

Development version is the content of the master branch in the Git repository of FeynCalc. It contains all the fixes and new features that were implemented since the last stable release. In the development process we use a growing number of unit tests to ensure that the changes in the code do not break existing behavior or introduce new bugs. However, despite thorough testing the development version may still contain bugs and incomplete or untested features.

You can greatly help FeynCalc developers by testing the development version and reporting issues with it!

Automatic installation

  • Run the following instruction in a Notebook session of Mathematica

    InstallFeynCalc[InstallFeynCalcDevelopmentVersion -> True]

    The FeynCalc version behind this link is the latest development snapshot from the official repository.

    If the above code fails with URLFetch::invhttp: SSL connect error (e.g. on Mathematica 9 under OS X), try

    InstallFeynCalc[InstallFeynCalcDevelopmentVersion -> True]

Manual installation

  • Manual installation is meant only for very special purposes. As an ordinary user, you should always go with the automatic installation.

  • Download this zip file.

  • Copy the FeynCalc directory from feyncalc-master in the zip file to the Applications directory inside $UserBaseDirectory (evaluate FileNameJoin[{$UserBaseDirectory, "Applications"}] in Mathematica).

  • Inside FeynCalc directory, rename the DocOutput directory to Documentation

  • To use the documentation with Mathematica 8 and 9, you need to disable the warning that appears when you open notebooks that were created with a newer version of Mathematica. This can be done with

    SetOptions[$FrontEnd, MessageOptions -> {"InsufficientVersionWarning" -> False}]

Manual installation with Git on Linux

The following way of installing FeynCalc on Linux is the most useful one if you are working on the source code or just want to try out every new feature from the repository.

  • Switch to the directory where Mathematica keeps its packages

    cd ~/.Mathematica/Applications

  • Clone the repository

    git clone

  • Create a symlink to FeynCalc

    ln -s feyncalc/FeynCalc FeynCalc

  • Activate the documentation


  • As long as you don't edit the source code yourself, you should always be able to update to the latest revision via

    cd ~/.Mathematica/Applications/FeynCalc
    git pull origin master

Loading FeynCalc

  • To load FeynCalc 9 or newer run


Old versions

  • Old FeynCalc versions are avaialbe on the Releases page. Please note that the old versions most likely will not work with the recent releases of Mathematica. We do not offer any support for the old versions.
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