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VPET - Virtual Production Editing Tool


VPET web site:


VPET is a collaborative tool that allows realtime scene editing via an intuitive interface.

It takes a holistic approach on light, asset and animation editing, for virtual production environments.

Its development is open-source, with growing support for diverse film and VFX pipelines.

VPET Presentation Video

Repository Content

  • SynchronisationServer
    (a.k.a. SyncServer)
    Application for maintaining synchronization between the host server (computer) and VPET clients (mobile devices)
  • VPET_Unity
    Unity project and assets for using Unity as a VPET host application
    (Note: also contains the source application for the VPET clients)
    Tutorial video

  • SceneDistribution_Unreal
    Plug-in for using Unreal Engine as a VPET host application
    Teaser video
    Quick-start guide

  • SceneDistribution_Katana
    Application for distributing a Katana scene to VPET mobile clients
    Synchronization is supported
    Tutorial video

  • SceneDistribution_USD
    Application for distributing USD files to VPET mobile clients
    Note: does not support realtime synchronization

  • Docs
    VPET user guide and additional documentation

VPET Client App

VPET Client


Download the free VPET app for your devices:

Note: The client app was developed with Unity Engine and can be custom built for specific needs.
The Unity project can be found under the VPET_Unity directory.

How to use it

For an introduction, refer to our quick-start guide.

A detailed user guide can be found under directory Docs.

VPET Host Applications

VPET Hosts

For previsualization of scenes, Katana projects and USD files are supported.

For realtime scene editing, Unity and Unreal are supported.


Clone or download this repository.

Navigate to the directory corresponding to your application of choice.

Follow the respective documentation:

Additional resources


Animationsinstitut R&D

VPET is a development by Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, Animationsinstitut R&D Labs in the scope of the EU funded Project Dreamspace (610005), the EU funded project SAUCE (780470) and funds on the own behalf of Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.


VPET is a open-sorce development by Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg's Animationsinstitut.
The client is licensed under MIT and includes libraries under other Open Source and proprietary licenses. See License file for more details.