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Distributed computing in Node.js and JavaScript
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npm install Flarp/distri-node

Distributed computing in Node!

What is distributed computing?

Let's say you and three pals are in Math. At the end, the teacher hands out the homework for the night, and you really really don't want to do it. You and your three pals get together and decide you're going to divide up the nights homework, and share the answers you got with each other, and call it a night.

This is distributed computing, except there's a bit more computing involved. Why have one computer sit down and process multiple equations one by one, when users can do it for them? The equations will be distributed to other clients, and they will each independently calculate each one, then send back the result. This makes it much faster to do, and will most certainly take much less time to do for large equation sets.

Isn't that what BOINC is?

That's exactly what BOINC is!

So why are you doing it again?

BOINC has its shortcomings, such as distributing executables, not source code, and other baloney. It also can't run in a browser, which is a huge shortcoming, because everyone has a browser. How are you viewing this? (Well, maybe you used Git and cloned the repo but I think you get the point.) Distri will allow you to give others source code, like JavaScript, WebAssembly, and C/C++ code to be compiled or interpreted, so what you're getting is not some strange mystery.

Also, this library uses WebSockets, so browsers aren't left out of the party. Everybody is included in the fun.

But I wanna protect my code from evil hackers!

You could always put the code under a license, like the GPL or something of the sort.

But I don't wanna have anyone see my code, period!

That's something you need to work out. Distri is for open-source projects.

Documentation under development