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Releases: Fledge68/WiiFlow_Lite

v5.5.4 September 20th, 2023

20 Sep 23:35
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  • added Kirby RTD/Adventure metafortress patch thanks to wiidev/blackb0x.
  • added "auto" cios selection based on the games' IOS and d2x cios installed. only works for d2x cios. if you wish to use a hermes cios you can still manually choose 222 - 225. note if more than one cios have the same base the higher slot will be chosen. (idea from usblgx but not copy and paste of code)
  • added framebuffer video width game option taken from usblgx. thanks to wiidev/blackb0x.
  • added fix for wii u users using WFL with IOS58 to ignore usb devices without an MBR or WBFS signature (a wii u formatted drive). thanks kcpants and wiidev/blackb0x.
  • added option to 'Reset game settings to defaults' for wii, emunand, and gamecube games.
  • moved emunand partition setting from partitions menu to emunand setup menu.
  • possible fix for GPT drives with partition types other than FAT (NTFS, EXT2).
  • fixed a few texts that wouldn't translate.
  • fix for Sam & Max and Back to the Future.
  • fixed sorting covers.
    B+PLUS to set sorting type (alphabet, playcount, lastplayed, players, and year. wifiplayers for wii games and game ID (1st letter) for VC games).
    B+up/down to next/prev sorted item.
    B on next/prev icons to next/prev sorted item.
  • added sorting by year released for all games including plugins if the database is used. requires 'Reload Cache'. issue #265
  • added option to init network on start (issue #335) but you have to manually edit wiiflow_lite.ini. there's no option in startup settings (yet). just add [GENERAL] async_network=yes and save it.
  • added the partition option to select SD and USB together for wii and gamecube. issue #325. BUT if you have the same game on both it will be shown twice. adding a check to see if the game is already listed for every time a game is added i think will slow down the process.
  • Made path to wiitdb.xml configurable. issue #327. Use Path Manager menu page 2.
  • fixed reload cache when both channel types is chosen.
  • moved SD only setting to wiiflow save file to possibly speed up wiiflow start up. note very first time will be slow and try to mount USB HDD because the SD only setting will need to be moved to the savefile. but afterwards will be fast again.
  • now compiled with devkitppc r42-1 and libogc 2.4.0.


  • fix for issue #318. favorites and adult_only in gameconfig1 and categories in categories_lite will now use the platform name and game ID if using the plugin database files. if either the platform name or game ID are not available we will still use old method of plugin magic and game title. With new method if old plugin magic and game title is found it will be converted to platform name and game ID. because of this it is recommended to backup gameconfig1 and categories_lite just in case you have issues with new WFL and need to go back to old WFL. Titlesdump.ini has also been updated to new method and will now include output of the filtered game list for plugins. Set [GENERAL] dump_list=yes before starting WFL. set it to 'no' when done dumping your lists.
  • added playcount and lastplayed for plugin games.
  • added a fix for in case the plugin filetypes line ends in a '|'
  • added plugin game setting to reload its cached cover in case you change the png for it. a work around for issue #322
  • added a date patch to make the wiituka plugin work.
  • added the use of GamesTDB for ScummVM titles to get localisation of the title. (eku)
  • updated internal default text for regex to hopefully work better. (chrondelta)


  • fixed error messages to wrap the text if too long.
  • added total games text to display every time you change favorites or categories. (eku)
  • fixed an issue with gui sound volume not sticking on next start.
  • fixed source menu buttons hiding/showing.
  • removed splash image on start up.
  • added parental lock for source menu editor.
  • all settings menu's now use the same labels and buttons. the text is just changed. keeps theme ini smaller and easier to maintain. need updated rhapsodii shima theme ini.
  • all checkbox menu's now use the same labels and checkboxes. again, keeps theme ini smaller and easier to maintain.
  • all checkboxes use a single button and we just set the texture image based on it's state. before we had a button for each state - on, off, or other. and would just show only the state needed while hiding the others.

v5.5.3 March 23rd, 2022

23 Mar 15:26
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  • disable splash image and wait animation if direct launching a wii game (via wiiGSC).
  • added option to use nands not vwiinands when on wii u. set manually by changing [CHANNELS] use_vwiinands=no in wiiflow_lite.ini
  • fixed using hermes cios in the rare case you ever need to use it.
  • other minor code changes.

v5.5.2 February 7th, 2022

07 Feb 15:30
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external_booter.bin fixes that i missed when i changed the booter in v5.5.0 beta 12 commit 9f7da43

  • added missing *BI2 = 0x817E5480; to Disc_SetLowMem() for wii games.
  • added missing memcpy((void*)0x80001800, (void*)Disc_ID, 8); needed for debugger and ocarina cheats engine.
  • fixed Disc_SelectVMode() for channels in v5.5.1. (video mode based on Disc_ID[3])

main changes:

  • fixed default setting for savegame emulation back to OFF (0). v5.5.0 and v5.5.1 new clean install's would set it to FULL (2) which caused wii games to crash on boot up. if you have this issue you can simply go to main settings>nand emulation settings and set it to OFF.
  • reinstated Fix94's keep USB alive thread for IOS58 mode.
  • fixed reloading wiiflow after any changes on Startup Settings menu.
  • changed the order of functions for ShutdownBeforeExit() to possible fix any shutdown and gameboot issues.
  • changes to STexture::fromPNG() to hopefully clear up the out of mem issue when downloading and converting the cover png to a wfc cache file.

v5.5.1 January 14th, 2022

14 Jan 21:17
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  • fix for channels video modes that was broken in v5.5.0
  • other minor changes

v5.5.0 December 8th, 2021

08 Dec 19:06
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  • now compiled with devkitppc r39-2 (GCC 11) and libogc 2.3.1-1
  • updated libwolfssl
  • now using precompiled ext_loader.bin since it won't work after being compiled with ppc r39. use ppc r30 to r37 to compile it if you really need to.
  • fixed when using scummvm.ini in apps/scummvm folder.
  • Added deflicker filter options. (Blackb0x)
  • Fixed video mode patching. (Blackb0x)
  • Plugin filetypes= setting no longer limited to .xxx (eku). filetypes can now be any filename ending plus the .xxx. you can use or (disc1).xxx for a few examples.
  • Now using regex to only add first file of multi disk/file games (eku). makes wiiflow only show one cover for multi disk/file games. use 'reload cache' to redo cover list.
  • WIIU vWii: added per wii/wiiware/vc game an option to set wiiu widescreen aspect ratio. issue #258
  • HQ covers off by default now.
  • added 'cheats_url=' to wiiflow_lite.ini under [GENERAL]. it will default to '' but at least now it is not hard coded and can easily be changed by the user if it needs to be in the future.
  • (wii and GC) changed prefer_usb to preferred_partition. defaults to -1 (not used), else 0(sd), 1(usb1), 2(usb2) etc...
  • fixed the playing of ALL banners. i discovered some banners didn't play properly and i fixed the issue.
  • fixed launching of real nand channels.
  • fixed launching of forwarder channels, but some apps (ie. wiimc and savegame manager gx) don't connect with USB devices. if they are on real nand use the 'custom' option in game settings for these forwarders.
  • fixed launching HBC on real nand. don't know if its even possible on a emu nand.
  • 480p pixel patch for wiiware/vc games now works without apploader setting ON. in fact leave apploader OFF.
  • no longer modifying cheat .txt file when selecting cheats. thanks to usb loader gx cheat code handling. the state of the cheat is now based on if its added to the .gct file.
  • fixed the 480p pixel patch button in game settings menu.
  • Now launching Neek2o via Crediar's ES_ImportBoot2 patch (thanks to cyan)
  • fixed using game ID argument for booting of wii game on bootup. It now uses the wii partition set in wiiflow_lite.ini rather than searching for the first partition (sd or usb1).
  • changed emu nand partition settings so they don't change if you you remove the current device/partition. meaning if your emuand is on USB HDD and you unplug it and run wiiflow the partition will not change to SD (or vice versa). but if you try to run a game it will give an error until you plug the device back in before running wiiflow.

  • added ability to use custom private servers. issue #261. add them to wiiflow_lite.ini like this:


the servers are separated by '|'.
use the server name before '_url='

  • custom_titles.ini now allows to group plugins of same platform or console that use the same roms (by pcjco). keeps custom_titles.ini smaller. example:

rom1=Name 1
rom2=Name 2

v5.4.9 April 3rd, 2021

03 Apr 22:01
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  • fix for music sample rates >48k
  • officially added the clear CD case spine skin image. In your plugin ini file use casecolor=111111.
  • fixed the page button of the source menu setup menu which sometimes said one too many pages.
  • added 'no SSL only' as a private server choice. this allows you to patch games on your own with other wifi server url's besides wiimmfi.
  • added private server as an option for nand wiiware games.
  • added 480p pixel patch as option for nand wiiware/vc games. seems to only work if apploader is set to ON. loading via main dol is broke for the time being.
  • added patch for error 23400 for CoD (Black Ops, Reflex, MW3) and Rock Band (3, The Beatles). (blackb0x)
  • added patch for Mario Kart Wii remote code execution vulnerability when not using wiimmfi.(Leseratte)
  • added code to handle an Out Of Memory error when downloading. (blackb0x)
  • added Wiimmfi update code (0.7.5)(Leseratte)
  • updated German, Spanish, Korean, and Polish languages thanks to Brawl345, RAVMN, DDinghoya, and KcrPL.
  • added Github CI. Continuos Integration workflows. (Leseratte)

Github CI - How it works and what it does:
Basically you make a fork of wiiflow lite. Clone it to your PC. make changes to the code. then commit your changes to your online fork. immediately after the commit CI will run a script which will download the proper devkitpro ppc and liboc to github servers, then it compiles and packages your fork of wiiflow in a zip file which you can download. just go to the actions link at the top of your github fork. click on the workflow and look under artifacts to find the zip. if your code changes fail to compile there will not be a zip to download.

v5.4.8 November 11th 2020

11 Nov 20:32
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  • removed - now when you have only the front cover image wiiflow will use that platform's custom blank cover image for the spine and back of the cover. committed in 5.4.7 it caused a second of black screen when selecting a source or tier.
  • fixed a crash in 5.4.7 when linking a source button to plugins.

v5.4.7 Oct. 31st 2020

31 Oct 22:29
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  • fixed using plugin dol path via the apps folder that was broken in last release.

  • fixed displaying music titles when you only have one music file in wiiflow music folder.

  • fixed saving and loading enabled plugins upon exit and startup. This stops the "no plugins selected" message upon returning to wiiflow when you previously used the Select Plugin Menu.

  • fixed custom backgrounds when using the Select Plugin Menu.

  • fixed devolution for usb only users.

  • fixed plugin system to handle more than 128 plugins. upped to 255 plugins.

  • fixed to apply game settings when autoboot a non plugin game.

  • fixed wii game booting on vwii (an issue started in 5.4.0 release). could also help with normal wii.

  • added source menu setup via controller Home button while viewing source menu. Setup includes hide buttons, link buttons to plugins, and set roms path of plugins.

  • added wiiflow/covers/homebrew_small folder so when using homebrew smallbox mode you can use your own custom covers instead of the apps icon.png

  • added option to upsample/resample music audio to 48khz. code taken from wiixplorer thanks to dimok.

  • added 'Always show main icons' option page 14 of main settings. this prevents the main screen icons from hiding.

  • added proxy support for downloading with the option to use wii's config or settings via wiiflow_lite.ini.(blackb0x)

  • fixed download timeouts & updated wolfSSL.(blackb0x)

  • organized main settings pg 10 thru 14 better.

  • now when you have only the front cover image wiiflow will use that platform's custom blank cover image for the spine and back of the cover.

  • use RiiConnect24 geckocodes archive since was shutdown.

  • language updates and general code cleanup

v5.4.6 May 16th 2020

16 May 22:59
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  • fix for setting game IOS that was broken in last release.

v5.4.5 May 12th 2020

12 May 17:52
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  • sourceflow only shows cache covers progress bar if 1 or more cached covers are missing.
  • fixed cache covers progress bar to not show if a plugin has no roms.
  • fixed source on start to only work if their is a source menu. (although can be set to on in settings but it will not work)
  • fixed sourceflow on start to remove quick flash of green screen.
  • fixed startup for wiivc (although untested).
  • made minor changes to cios loading on startup.
  • fixed if wiiflow fails on startup to not exit to HBC unless booted from HBC.
  • cleaned up some of game cios loading.

Blackb0x commits:

  • updated wolfSSL.
  • optimized the splash and wait images.
  • fixed patching video mode for PAL games when using progressive scan.