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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this Apr 3, 2021

  • fix for music sample rates >48k
  • officially added the clear CD case spine skin image. In your plugin ini file use casecolor=111111.
  • fixed the page button of the source menu setup menu which sometimes said one too many pages.
  • added 'no SSL only' as a private server choice. this allows you to patch games on your own with other wifi server url's besides wiimmfi.
  • added private server as an option for nand wiiware games.
  • added 480p pixel patch as option for nand wiiware/vc games. seems to only work if apploader is set to ON. loading via main dol is broke for the time being.
  • added patch for error 23400 for CoD (Black Ops, Reflex, MW3) and Rock Band (3, The Beatles). (blackb0x)
  • added patch for Mario Kart Wii remote code execution vulnerability when not using wiimmfi.(Leseratte)
  • added code to handle an Out Of Memory error when downloading. (blackb0x)
  • added Wiimmfi update code (0.7.5)(Leseratte)
  • updated German, Spanish, Korean, and Polish languages thanks to Brawl345, RAVMN, DDinghoya, and KcrPL.
  • added Github CI. Continuos Integration workflows. (Leseratte)

Github CI - How it works and what it does:
Basically you make a fork of wiiflow lite. Clone it to your PC. make changes to the code. then commit your changes to your online fork. immediately after the commit CI will run a script which will download the proper devkitpro ppc and liboc to github servers, then it compiles and packages your fork of wiiflow in a zip file which you can download. just go to the actions link at the top of your github fork. click on the workflow and look under artifacts to find the zip. if your code changes fail to compile there will not be a zip to download.

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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this Nov 11, 2020

  • removed - now when you have only the front cover image wiiflow will use that platform's custom blank cover image for the spine and back of the cover. committed in 5.4.7 it caused a second of black screen when selecting a source or tier.
  • fixed a crash in 5.4.7 when linking a source button to plugins.
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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this Oct 31, 2020

  • fixed using plugin dol path via the apps folder that was broken in last release.

  • fixed displaying music titles when you only have one music file in wiiflow music folder.

  • fixed saving and loading enabled plugins upon exit and startup. This stops the "no plugins selected" message upon returning to wiiflow when you previously used the Select Plugin Menu.

  • fixed custom backgrounds when using the Select Plugin Menu.

  • fixed devolution for usb only users.

  • fixed plugin system to handle more than 128 plugins. upped to 255 plugins.

  • fixed to apply game settings when autoboot a non plugin game.

  • fixed wii game booting on vwii (an issue started in 5.4.0 release). could also help with normal wii.

  • added source menu setup via controller Home button while viewing source menu. Setup includes hide buttons, link buttons to plugins, and set roms path of plugins.

  • added wiiflow/covers/homebrew_small folder so when using homebrew smallbox mode you can use your own custom covers instead of the apps icon.png

  • added option to upsample/resample music audio to 48khz. code taken from wiixplorer thanks to dimok.

  • added 'Always show main icons' option page 14 of main settings. this prevents the main screen icons from hiding.

  • added proxy support for downloading with the option to use wii's config or settings via wiiflow_lite.ini.(blackb0x)

  • fixed download timeouts & updated wolfSSL.(blackb0x)

  • organized main settings pg 10 thru 14 better.

  • now when you have only the front cover image wiiflow will use that platform's custom blank cover image for the spine and back of the cover.

  • use RiiConnect24 geckocodes archive since was shutdown.

  • language updates and general code cleanup

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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this May 16, 2020

  • fix for setting game IOS that was broken in last release.
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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this May 12, 2020


  • sourceflow only shows cache covers progress bar if 1 or more cached covers are missing.
  • fixed cache covers progress bar to not show if a plugin has no roms.
  • fixed source on start to only work if their is a source menu. (although can be set to on in settings but it will not work)
  • fixed sourceflow on start to remove quick flash of green screen.
  • fixed startup for wiivc (although untested).
  • made minor changes to cios loading on startup.
  • fixed if wiiflow fails on startup to not exit to HBC unless booted from HBC.
  • cleaned up some of game cios loading.

Blackb0x commits:

  • updated wolfSSL.
  • optimized the splash and wait images.
  • fixed patching video mode for PAL games when using progressive scan.
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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this Apr 20, 2020

IMPORTANT! with this release you must replace your bins and imgs folders or wiiflow may crash. move or rename those folders to back them up in case you need to go back to previous version.


  • fixed crash when pressing 1/x or 2/y buttons (change coverflow layout) when no covers are loaded.
  • fixed hiding the wait loading animation when using source menu on start.
  • fixed exiting source menu on start via B button so covers show properly.
  • fixed launching GC games via devolution. (if you still use it)
  • fixed deleting wii games so that all the wbfs files are deleted.
  • fixed using homebrew icon.png's with transparency as covers for smallbox by restoring some old code I didn't understand.
  • fixed a potential issue if using the source select icon on main screen with no source menu.
  • added 'no games found in {roms folder path}' if wiiflow doesn't find any roms for a plugin. This will let you know where wiiflow and the plugin are looking for the roms.
  • spanish and korean languages updated. thanks DDinghoya and CrewMdk!

Blackb0x commits:

  • fixed missing cacheing covers for real nand channels if you add covers manually and do reload cache.
  • set riitag url to use https
  • prevent crash caused by debug logging when using gamercards
  • support paletted png images
  • optimized wiiflow images and converted all jpg to png because using png images seems to consume less memory
  • covers and banners download faster now
  • added check for incomplete downloads before saving. Downloads should only fail like this if your WiFi signal is poor, your internet connection is awful or the server is experiencing issues.
  • fixed video mode patching for PAL games.
  • tried fixing cacheing covers after downloading them. works better but still might not create cached covers. It's a low free mem2 error if using rhapsodii shima theme and having a lot of games. if covers do not appear after downloading then i suggest rebooting wiiflow and doing reload cache first thing or switch to wiiflow's default theme and then download the covers and then switch back to rhapsodii shima theme.
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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this Mar 23, 2020

  • fixed cheat menu that was broken in v5.4.2
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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this Mar 19, 2020

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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this Feb 17, 2020

  • fixed cacheing scummvm covers
  • fixed setting scummvm cover's color via plugin
  • now scummvm list is cached like all the other lists. but still does not use custom titles or titles from the plugins data xml.
  • fixed the random bug where covers sometimes were not cached.
  • fixed minor memory leaks via gametdb.cpp
  • fixed an issue with using custom backgrounds via source menu.
  • added the ability to move to next and previous game while on game info menu by using the controllers '+' and '-' buttons
  • added the ability to launch a game directly from the game info menu by pressing 'A' on the controller.
  • added the abilty to launch super smash bros melee via nintendont slippi. manually edit wiiflow_lite.ini by adding use_slippi=yes under [GAMECUBE]. google nintendont slippi and slippi project to learn about it.
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@Fledge68 Fledge68 released this Dec 25, 2019

Lots of changes. Too many to list. Check the included text file for changes since last release (v5.2.0). Yes I skipped v5.3.0. Enjoy, just in time for Christmas!

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