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Alfresco Reset Password add-on is a great thing that allows you to solve missing capability of Alfresco to reset passwords for users who forgot owns password without contacting Administrator.


  • Sends email notification with a confirmation link
  • Reset password link will be expired after 24h
  • It works fine even if multitenancy feature is enabled

User's reset password manual

  • Click Forgot Password button

  • Enter username

  • You'll receive email notification with link for changing password

  • Enter your new password and confirm it.

Compatibility was tested on versions:

  • Alfresco 5.0d
  • Alfresco 5.1
  • Alfresco 5.2
  • Alfresco 6.0.7-ga
  • Alfresco 6.2.0-ga

How to build

The following tools must be installed:

  • Java11
  • Maven3

Required settings

  • You have to configure Alfresco Outbound SMTP in {ALFRESCO LOCATION}/tomcat/shared/classes/{mail host}
 mail.port={mail port}
 mail.username={mail username}
 mail.password={mail password}
 mail.from.default={default sending email}
  • It is highly recommended to change secure salt property as well that us used in token generation. To generate new one use any BCrypt hash generator. First 29 characters is salt fs.passreset.salt=

Build steps

  1. Clone repo
$ git clone
  1. Compile repo amp
$ cd ResetPasswordAddon/resetPassword
$ mvn clean package
  1. Compile share amp
$ cd ../resetPassword-share
$ mvn clean package

How to deploy add-on to Alfresco

  1. Compile AMPs for alfresco and share how described above
  2. Stop Alfresco
  3. Copy file ResetPasswordAddon/resetPassword/target/reset-password-repo-${version}.amp into ${Alfresco_HOME}/amps folder
  4. Copy file ResetPasswordAddon/resetPassword-share/target/reset-password-share-${version}.amp into ${Alfresco_HOME}/amps_share folder
  5. Apply AMPs by executing command from command line
$ cd ${Alfresco_HOME}/bin
$ -force
  1. Start Alfresco

##How to setup dev environment: You need to have installed docker and configured to use without root privileges

  1. Add Remote Debugger cofiguration.

  2. Configure Before launch: Tool window and point at or start.bat as executable script. (files within _docker folder should be executable).

  3. Point at logs.txt as logs file.

All alfresco configuration placed in docker-compose.yml. You can place additional configuration there if you need

To stop docker containers use or stop-all.bat script.|bat script also stops containers and starts again

To debug Share app java code create new Remote configuration. Use port 5006