ImageToData is an extension to Brackets that allows you to convert any image into dataURI right from Brackets
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An Extension for Brackets

ImageToData is an extension to Brackets that allows you to convert to data any image from the web thanks to its URL directly into your editor. See an icon somewhere and thinking, what if could see what it will render in my style sheet ? Now you can import it directly as data image directly in Brackets ! Even works with local paths.

With ImageToData installed, simply Alt-Shift-G, type in the full URL or select a local image and ImageToData will convert the image to data for you, copy the data insert it as image source url and you're good to go !

Convert images directly from the project tree by right-clicking them and select "Convert to dataURI".

All images will be converted into png data URLs

To install

Copy and paste the repo's url in the install extension modal or search in the available extensions.

Compatible with Brackets Sprint 24 or later


ImageToData is licenced under the MIT licence.


2014-01-12 : Convert images in the project tree

2014-01-04 : Add local file browsing

2013-12-14 : Removing NativeFileSystem

2013-05-28 : Translation to French

2013-05-27 : UI modifications

2013-05-22 : V.1.0

2013-05-20 : Initial release