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FTP - Graphic ModifierX Edition

ftpd is originally created by mtheall. This fork is soley for aesthetic modifications and CFW/Flashcart builds.

Custom Graphics

Modify the .png files in the gfxfolder to add your own graphics.

app_banner: this image will appear on the top screen before you run the application (.3ds and .cia)

app_bottom: this is the static in-app image on the bottom screen

app_icon: this is the icon for the .cia, .3ds, and .3dsx


  • Appears to work well with a variety of clients.
  • Also compiles for Linux.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous clients. The 3DS itself only appears to support enough sockets to perform 4-5 simultaneous data transfers, so it will help if you limit your FTP client to this many parallel requests.
  • Your own cutting-edge graphics.

Before building

Update: 1-27-16

  1. install and set up devkitARM and libctru

  2. install the latest ctrulib Note: devKitPro updater may not have the necessary files

  3. install sf2dlib

  4. install sfillib

  5. install portlibs

pre-compiled portlibs: download here and put the portlibs folder in your devKitPro folder

How to build

  1. Download the .zip for this repo

  2. extract

  3. while holding left shift on your keyboard, right click FTP-GMX-master and hit Open command window here

  4. run the following command


  5. You will have new files created in the folder

Homebrew: Copy the FTP-GMX-2.2.3dsx and FTP-GMX-2.2.smdh to a folder named FTP-GMX-2.2. Copy this folder to the 3ds folder on your SD card and launch it via homebrew.

CFW: Copy FTP-GMX-2.2.cia to your SD card and install it with a CIA installer.

Flashcarts: Copy FTP-GMX-2.2.3ds to your SD card.


error: 'NI_MAXHOST'
error: 'NI_MAXSERV'
error: 'sdmc_dir_t'

You do not have an updated ctrulib

../arm-none-eabi/bin/ld.exe: cannot find -lsfil
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

You do not have portlibs installed

Supported Commands

  • ABOR
  • ALLO (no-op)
  • APPE
  • CDUP
  • CWD
  • DELE
  • FEAT
  • HELP
  • LIST
  • MDTM
  • MKD
  • MODE (no-op)
  • NLST
  • NOOP
  • OPTS
  • PASS (no-op)
  • PASV
  • PORT
  • PWD
  • QUIT
  • REST
  • RETR
  • RMD
  • RNFR
  • RNTO
  • STAT
  • STOR
  • STRU (no-op)
  • SYST
  • TYPE (no-op)
  • USER (no-op)
  • XCUP
  • XCWD
  • XMKD
  • XPWD
  • XRMD

Planned Commands (ftpd)

  • STOU