A rails app with the minimum configuration and default settings so I can start hacking right away
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Rails Blank App

This app contains just the minimum configuration needed to start coding right away on the things that matter. It's easier for me to maintain than a rails template.

I no longer maintain this project, see rails4_blank_app for the successor.


  • to foca for this great idea! This app is an adapted version of the Blank Slate app.
  • to Xenda and frodsan for their own application template, I stole good ideas from them. Check barney, frodsan's application template.

How to use

$ git clone https://github.com/Florent2/rails_blank_app your_app_name
$ your_app_name/script/init


This app has the following customizations:

  • a README boilerplate with installation, deployement, development and test sections. On installation it replaces the README.md file you are currently reading
  • Twitter Bootstrap for the base design, installed through bootstrap-sass
  • Haml as the templating engine for HTML and an application layout in Haml with some layout helpers (copied from nifty_generators)
  • a PagesController with a home view to which points the root route
  • PostgreSQL is the selected database
  • rails.png and index.html are removed

For Development

  • guard-livereload and rack-livereload to have app asset changes apply live in the browser without a browser extension
  • lll for nice debugging statements
  • quiet_assets to mute assets pipeline log messages
  • sextant to show routes in the browser (quicker than rake routes)
  • guard-ctags-bundler to automatically update ctags for projet files and gems from project's bundle
  • pry-rails to have rails console to open pry
  • application is configured to not generate stylesheet, javascript and helper file when scaffolding a resource
  • a pre commit hook which aborts a commit if there is a :focus or debugger statement in the specs or code, or left git failed merge markup
  • a Consular script is automatically created if Consular is used on the machine
  • logs are automatically rotated to save disk space

For testing

  • rspec-rails, with generators only for models and requests specs
  • capybara for integration tests
  • spork to avoid rails initialization on each test suite run
  • growl-rspec to see RSpec test results in growl notifications
  • logs are automatically rotated to save disk space