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No dev in six months. What is the future of NowJS? #208

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The last core update by the authors was six months ago, and the NowJS twitter account has been silent since the announcement of Bridge, their new project.

Is there any plan to continue the development?


From what I understand, no, which is unfortunate considering how good it is.


I was also disapointed about that, mainly because I started using nowjs for one of my projects, so I decided to develop a new module with similar functionality to nowjs but using sockjs instead of

here is the project repo :

I made it close to nowjs logic to make migration simple.
it's far from being as complete as nowjs at this stage, but the code is mutch simple and can be easily maintained.
(It doesn't support groups)


Thanks for the pointer. The API looks cool, but it is missing express session handling which is a requirement for my app.

I can't get it to work with NowJS (I've read the related issues and tried the proposed solutions to no avail), that's why I was asking if there were any chance that the lib would be updated.

There's a dnode plugin for express sessions, I guess I'll use that. It is also based on SockJS. The API is a less freindly that now's but I think it'll do fine.

Edit: SockJS doesn't pass the cookie info for security reasons. The dnode-sessions plugin is for an older version of dnode, that used as a backend. Back to square one. Il'll probably whip up something on top of


Yeah, we are actually using NowJS in production, so it was really disappointing to hear that support for this was getting dropped and that the API for Bridge was so dramatically different.


I will continue maintaining Now.js @

No worries :)


Cool, thank you for this :-)


@jameskeane Are there any plans to maintain the module? It appears that the repository hasn't been updated in the last four months.


@jameskeane - I'm planning a project, and would like to know if and how now is going to be maintained


hmm, doesn't look like it


I'm just curious to know why it's not scalable. Does anyone know of any node plugins with similar functionality?


No dev in six months. What is the future of NowJS?

None, sadly.

@pygy pygy closed this

Sad indeed. Maybe the project could be renamed ThenJS? ;)

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