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FlowCrypt Browser extension for Chrome and Firefox
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FlowCrypt: Encrypt Gmail with PGP


Get FlowCrypt browser extension at:



let you = new TeamMember();

if(you.know(TS | SWIFT) && you.write(READABLE_CODE) && you.hate('9-5') && you.areFrom(EARTH)) {

This project is written in TypeScript. Browsers only understand JavaScript, so the project needs to be transpiled. You need to build the project the first time you download it, and build it after each change you make to see the result in the browser. First, install tooling:

$ cd some/folder/flowcrypt-browser
$ npm install

To build the project (for now Linux and Mac only)

$ npm run-script build

> flowcrypt-browser@5.9.7 build /home/luke/git/flowcrypt-browser
> gulp

[02:42:04] Using gulpfile ~/git/flowcrypt-browser/gulpfile.js
[02:42:04] Starting 'default'...
[02:42:04] Starting 'flush'...
[02:42:04] Finished 'flush' after 62 ms
[02:42:04] Starting 'transpileProjectTs'...
[02:42:04] Starting 'copySourceFiles'...
[02:42:04] Starting 'copyVersionedManifest'...
[02:42:05] Finished 'copyVersionedManifest' after 199 ms
[02:42:05] Finished 'copySourceFiles' after 557 ms
[02:42:12] Finished 'transpileProjectTs' after 7.57 s
[02:42:12] Starting 'chromeBuildSpacesToTabs'...
[02:42:12] Finished 'chromeBuildSpacesToTabs' after 4.55 ms
[02:42:12] Starting 'copyChromeToFirefox'...
[02:42:12] Finished 'copyChromeToFirefox' after 323 ms
[02:42:12] Starting 'copyChromeToFirefoxEditedManifest'...
[02:42:12] Finished 'copyChromeToFirefoxEditedManifest' after 10 ms
[02:42:12] Finished 'default' after 7.97 s

Now you can find your built project in build/chrome-consumer and build/firefox-consumer

FlowCrypt Project Structure and Overview

FlowCrypt TypeScript Style Guide

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