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Tradeable positions in tokenized index funds for positions in markets created by the Augur protocol.
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A protocol for tokenized indexes of positions in Augur markets.

Getting Started

These intstructions will get a copy of AugurSets running on your machine and will allow you to run the tests.


To run this version of AugurSets you requires you to have docker, nodejs and truffle.


After installing all of the prerequisites we'll continue by getting a (very slightly) altered version of augur-core running. This will run a local POA Ethereum blockchain with all the Augur contracts deployed and all contracts addresses needed logged.

Start by cloning this directory if you haven't already:

git clone

Then checkout the augur-core directory:

cd AugurSets/augur-core

Then start the POA parity chain by entering the following command (this will take a couple minutes):

npm run docker:run:integration:parity

Open a new tab in your terminal, enter the AugurSets directory and install all of the dependencies:

cd ../augur-sets
npm i

Setup AugurSets

Create a file called .pvt.js

touch .pvt.js

Open your prefered text editor and paste the following code into .pvt.js (NOTE: this is just a generic address hardcoded in our POA parity chain to own all of the premined Ether)

module.exports = {
	PUB_KEY: "0x913dA4198E6bE1D5f5E4a40D0667f70C0B5430Eb",
	PVT_KEY: "fae42052f82bed612a724fec3632f325f377120592c75bb78adfcceae6470c5a",

The final step before the tests will run is to copy the contract addresses logged by the parity node into constants.js.

The logs should look something like this (but with different addresses): a screenshot showing how the addresses should look

Running the tests

Make sure you're in the augur-sets directory and run:

truffle test
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