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Website frontend for AQL-WebServices
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The Android App Analysis Query Language Online (AQL-Online) is a website implementation which functions as a frontend for AQL-WebServices. AQL-Queries can be formulated and send to an AQL-WebService, which in return replies an AQL-Answer, once its computation is done. Once the answer is available the website offers textual and graphical result representations to take a view at it.


  • In order to work properly any AQL-Online website instance must be configured to access a running AQL-WebService,
  • the host must support PHP,
  • on the client side Javascript is required.


The AQL-Online website must be configured in order to be connected to an AQL-WebService. The following parameters must be set up inside config.php:

Parameter Meaning
$host = ""; The AQL-WebService host's ip.
$port = "8080"; The AQL-WebService's port it is listening on.
$webservice = "http://".$host.":".$port."/AQL-WebService"; Defines the complete domain of the webservice including subfolders.
$interval = 10; By this parameter the polling-time in seconds can be specified. Once a query is issued the underlying AQL-WebServices is repeatedly polled to check if the requested answer is available.


The AQL-Online website is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3 (see LICENSE).


Felix Pauck (FoelliX)
Paderborn University


AQL-Online can be used as a frontend...

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