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Documentation for flashing Brocade TurboIron firmware to Quanta LB6M. And now for cross-flashing other switches too!

The raw markdown source in this repo is intended to be built using MkDocs - not displayed on GitHub.


STH Discussion Thread (LB6M) - ServeTheHome

Q. Why does this work without modifying the firmware?

A. When Broadcom introduced the BCM56820 switch ASIC, they released a reference design - a suggested switch design implementing said ASIC. Several companies including Brocade and Quanta took this reference design, built it, added their own branding, and sold it as a product. Therefore the switches are nearly identical, aside from small differences like LED configuration. They both have:

  • MPC8541 PowerPC Management CPU
  • BCM56820 10gbE Switching ASIC
  • BCM5482 Management Port PHY
  • BCM5464 Copper Ports PHY

Because of this, firmware written for one platform will have no issue running on the other - it's the same hardware.

Open to PR's! If you know of any other switch pairs that are the same underlying hardware and would like to cross-flash, let us know! We're mainly seeking firmware candidates for the LB4M - so far we can't find any other switches with the same hardware configuration. We need to find a switch that uses a MPC8541 management CPU + BCM56514 ASIC


Flashing Brocade firmware to Quanta LB6M



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