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Sep 2, 2021

Barcode Buddy for Grocy

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Available for:


Pass barcodes to Barcode Buddy. If already in Grocys system, it will consume/add/open the product in Grocy. If an unknown barcode is passed, the product name will be looked up and a corresponding product can be chosen in the Web UI. Tags can be saved - if a new product contains the tag in the name, the product will be already preselected in the drop-down list.


Webserver that supports PHP (eg. NGINX, Apache) or Docker, a Grocy API key and ideally a barcode scanner or Android phone

Getting Started

Refer to the documentation, on how to install the program. Installation can be done in a couple of minutes.


Barcodes can either manually be added to the programm or the process can be automated by grabbing the input from the scanner.

Refer to the documentation, on how to use the program.

Reverse Proxies

If you are using a reverse proxy, please make sure to disable caching, see documentation


Screenshot of the web ui
Screenshot of the screen module




This project is licensed under the AGPL3 - see the file for details


As with all Free software, the power is less in the finances and more in the collective efforts. I really appreciate every pull request and bug report offered up by BarcodeBuddy's users, so please keep that stuff coming. If however, you're not one for coding/design/documentation, and would like to contribute financially, you can do so with the link below. Every help is very much appreciated!

paypal LiberaPay