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Railcraft Boiler calculator localization project

This is for the new boiler calculator localization system to allow people to contribute with translations, similar to the railcraft localization project.

There is a default english.lang file demonstrating the formatting. Copy this and use as a template for your translation.

The file name has to be lower-case.

Comment lines that begin with // are ignored by the parser along with empty lines. Feel free to add as these as you please.

The syntax for a string is id=string.

The "string" part is what you would translate.

To prevent html-injection no html tags are allowed in the strings. These are stripped out during parsing.

Excluded are the and tags which is are custom tags used to apply text styles to specific strings.

In some strings you will find words (mostly names) preceeded by a $ sign. These are used to insert links into the strings. They must not be altered.

For example in the string for "footer.formula", the $wiki will be replaced with "<a href='http://railcraft.wikispaces.com/Steam+Boiler+%28Device%29'>Railcraft Wiki</a>" during parsing.

Comments have been added to the default english.lang telling you what each tag will say after being parsed, eg. $wiki: Railcraft Wiki

In the blocks where any $ tag is only used to insert numbers it will say so under the block title.

eg. //errors

//$ tags here are numbers only

If you have any questions you may find me in #railcraft on the esper.net IRC-network.