Developers guide

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We love contributions! If you're contributing artifacts, please follow the Style Guide and make sure the tests pass:

$ python

If you're contributing python code, check with us on the mailing list first, especially if it's something big.

We use the github fork and pull review process to review all contributions. First, fork the artifact repository by following the github instructions. Then check out your personal fork:

git clone

Add an upstream remote so you can easily keep up to date with the main repository:

git remote add upstream

To update your local repo from the main:

git pull upstream master

Make your changes and once you're ready for review, commit them to your personal fork and then use the GitHub Web UI to create and send the pull request. We'll review and merge the change.

Adding new artifact labels

An artifact definition can contain one or more labels. For the validation these labels defined in artifacts/ in LABELS.

At the moment when a new label is added make sure to add the same label to lib/ of the GRR project in ARTIFACT_LABELS.

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