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ForgeEssentials Build Status

The code on this branch is for Minecraft 1.12.2. We are looking for developers. Please contact us on Discord if you are interested in contributing!

We are few developers with not so much time at hand - we will try to handle important bugs fast


For general help about ForgeEssentials and tutorials, please check the Wiki pages. If you need help or have suggestions, please join us on our Discord channel. There are many people there who can help you and it is the quickest way to reach us. Please try to not open issues for simple questions and directly contact us on Discord instead.

Reporting bugs

Please follow these rules when reporting bugs:

  • Update to the latest build from Jenkins before reporting a bug.
  • Check, if the bug was not already reported by using the search.
  • Always attach your ForgeEssentials/modlist.txt file
  • Always attach logs to your reports if you encountered crashes.
    If the client crashed, please also attach the client log if possible.
  • Each file must be clearly marked and only one url for file.
  • For feature requests, we recommend asking about it on Discord first

Any issue that does not follow the above rules will be closed!!!


If you just want the latest stable releases, please get them from Curse
Nightly builds with the latest features and bugfixes can be found on our Jenkins build server.


The ForgeEssentials project consists many server features,
especially a powerful permissions and protection system:

  • Permission management
  • Protection (WorldGuard)
  • Automatic backup management
  • Multiworld support(in bukkit aka. multiverse)
  • Deathchests
  • Huge collection of utility commands
  • Remote server access and management with a versatile API
  • WorldEdit with permission integration already included
  • And many more!

Development Setup

If you are a modder and are interested in making a mod that extends the capabilities of Forge Essentials, or are looking to have increased levels of compatibility with Forge Essentials in your mod, please refer to the developer documentation.

We welcome all pull requests from anyone interested in contributing to the mod.

However, we do have a few rules to keep things organized:

  • Before making any pull request make sure to talk to the team first on discord.
    • This is doubly important for large fixes that change internals or feature additions
  • For Bug Fixes, a github issue must be created first that can be referenced in the PR itself
  • Only 1 PR per Bug Fix unless otherwise approved by the team.

For assistance in setting up a workspace to contribute to ForgeEssentials, please refer to

ForgeEssentials Team