First-Order Logic library with built-in Theories
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First Order Logic with Theories

Qed is an OCaml library implementing first-order logic with built-in theories. It is developped by CEA-Tech in the Sofware Reliability and Security Lab, and shiped with the Frama-C platform for proving ACSL contracts by Weakest-Precondition (WP).

The design of the library is described in the article « [Qed: Computing What Remains to be Proved] ( » published at NASA Formal Method, 2015.

The main features of the library are:

  • boolean theory
  • quantifiers
  • integer and real theories
  • array and record theories
  • uninterpreted functions, extended by associativy, commutativity, neutral and absorbants, injectivity, constructors and inversibility
  • extensible rewriters for interpreting functions
  • fully normalized terms wrt theories
  • combinators for memoization, substitution, shared sub-terms
  • flexible pretty-printing
  • export engines to SMT solvers and proof assistants



  • ocaml 4.04 or higher, with ocamlfind and ocamlbuild

To build and install the library:

$ make && make install


Documentation is available after:

$ make doc

The entry point is at qed.docdir/index.html, see modules Logic and Term to start with.