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Emulation Station configured for Windows 10

An auto-installer to set up Emulation Station correctly on a 64 bit version of Windows 10.

As Retropie's increase in popularity, the setup of Emulationstation on the Windows platform hasn't recieved much love. I spent several nights trying to figure out how to configure everything correctly for a Windows machine to finally get it just right. Given the pain I went through and how now several of my friends have requested the same setup I decided to throw together a quick little powershell script for others to use.


  • Uses an up to date version of Emulation Station from the Raspberry Pi branch
  • Auto populates emulators with public domain roms
  • Auto installs a popular theme with support for adding 'Favorites'
  • Initial installer is less than a few KB in size, it's just scripts
  • Adds in a quick game content scraper which lives in the rom folder (run %UserProfile%\.emulationstation\roms\scraper.exe)




  1. Run prepare.ps1 in an admin session of Powershell (NOTE: Powershell might restart your computer as some libraries require a restart, if so, simply re-run after your PC restarts)
  2. Launch Emulation Station and Enjoy
  3. Access your ROMS here %UserProfile%\.emulationstation\roms

Installation GIF: alt text


  • If the controller is not working in game, configure Input in Retroarch (%UserProfile%\.emulationstation\systems\retroarch\retroarch.exe)
  • PSX and PS2 Homebrew Games won't load unless you acquire the bios's and add them to the bios folder (%UserProfile%\.emulationstation\systems\epsxe\bios and %UserProfile%\.emulationstation\systems\pcsx2\bios)
  • PSX and PS2 also require manual configuration for controllers (%UserProfile%\.emulationstation\systems\epsxe\ePSXe.exe and %UserProfile%\.emulationstation\systems\pcsx2\pcsx2.exe)
  • If the script fails for whatever reason delete the contents of %UserProfile%\.emulationstation and try again.
  • Emulation Station may crash when you return to it from a external progam, ensure your graphics drivers are up to date.
  • Launching a Retroarch rom may return you to ES, you're probably on a 32-bit verison of Windows and need to acquire seperate cores.
  • Powershell commands may fail, ensure your Powershell session is in Admin mode.
  • If Powershell complains about syntax you're probably somehow running a Powershell version lower than 5. Run 'choco install powershell -y' to update.
  • If you are using Xbox controllers and having trouble setting the guide button as hotkey, locate the file (%UserProfile%\.emulationstation\es_input.cfg and change the line for hotkeyenable to <input id="5" name="hotkeyenable" type="button" value="10" />
  • If you are unable to run script from context menu (right mouse button), revert default "Open with" to Notepad

Optional Features and Tips

  • If you prefer to run your scripts using context menu (right mouse button) but lacks the abilitiy to run they on an admin session, you can just double-click "powershell_run-as-admin.reg" file and accept the registry modification. It creates a new entry on the menu to do that easily.
  • If you use OneDrive to store your ROMs and saves, you can run the script onedrive.ps1 or you can modifify it to any other specific folder. Further instructions in comments
  • Some new themes shows videos: es-theme-crt
  • Script for easy scraping included. Just run and it will backup your gamefile.xml for each ROM folder and produce a new one with data from scrap services (if you have modified your ROM folder, please check before run)

Special Thanks