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Jordan Polaniec edited this page Feb 7, 2019 · 47 revisions

Welcome to the FrannHammer wiki!

This API is being worked on with KuroganeHammer's permission. All credit for the actual data that is stored and retrieved goes to him and any other people that are involved in that process.

Allows consumers to pull back the data displayed on KuroganeHammer's site as JSON. The data is not scraped from the site on request, but exists in an external store.

Getting Started

Live API documentation for current master version can be found via Swagger docs

Interested in testing out the (WIP) changes for Ultimate support? Take a look here.

A good place to get started is the Character Data page.

API Features

This allows people to pull back the following types of data from the existing KuroganeHammer site:

  • Character details such as image links, color theme from, descriptions, etc.
  • Movement details such as Weight, Fall Speed, Walk Speed, etc.
  • Move details such as active Hitboxes, First Actionable frames, Knockback Growth, etc.

To see more details on these features, check out these wiki pages:

NOTE: The API is in beta and is subject to rapid change.
Issues and Feedback

Changes are being made that could affect public calls. I'll be sure to post those types of changes in this repo. If you have an issue, feel free to open one up on the Issues page or email me at the address in my Profile or twitter at franndotexe.

Thanks for taking a look!