Better issue report for the Sqlite version of Massive #86

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In the Sqlite version of Massive, the Schema property returns a CREATE TABLE string. It is certainly possible to parse it to get similar data as is returned from the Sql Server version of Massive. However, the following code will return column names and types like the Sql Server version of Massive:

IEnumerable<dynamic> _schema;
public IEnumerable<dynamic> Schema
        if (_schema == null) {
            var rows = new List<dynamic>();
            foreach (var row in Query("PRAGMA table_info('" + TableName + "')")) {
                rows.Add(new {
                    COLUMN_NAME = (row as IDictionary<string,object>)["name"].ToString(),
                    DATA_TYPE   = (row as IDictionary<string,object>)["type"].ToString(),
                    IS_NULLABLE = (row as IDictionary<string,object>)["notnull"].ToString() == "0" ? "NO" : "YES",
            _schema = rows;
        return _schema;

Pull requests work a treat.

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