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A simple SSH tarpit inspired by endlessh
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A simple SSH tarpit, similar to endlessh.

Written in Rust using Tokio for async IO, privdrop for basic Unix privilege dropping, and rusty-sandbox for optional sandboxing on FreeBSD (Capsicum), OpenBSD (Pledge) and macOS (Seatbelt).


-% cargo build --release
-% target/release/tarssh --help
tarssh 0.1.0
Thomas Hurst <>
A SSH tarpit server

    tarssh [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

        --disable-timestamps    Disable timestamps in logs
    -h, --help                  Prints help information
    -V, --version               Prints version information
    -v, --verbose               Verbose level (repeat for more verbosity)

        --chroot <chroot>              Chroot to this directory
    -d, --delay <delay>                Seconds between responses [default: 10]
    -g, --group <group>                Run as this group
    -l, --listen <listen>...           Listen address(es) to bind to [default:]
    -c, --max-clients <max_clients>    Best-effort connection limit [default: 4096]
    -t, --timeout <timeout>            Socket write timeout [default: 30]
    -u, --user <user>                  Run as this user and their primary group

-% target/release/tarssh -v --disable-timestamps -l \[::]:2222
[INFO  tarssh] listen, addr:
[INFO  tarssh] listen, addr: [::]:2222
[INFO  tarssh] privdrop, enabled: false
[INFO  tarssh] sandbox, enabled: true
[INFO  tarssh] start, servers: 2, max_clients: 4096, delay: 10s, timeout: 30s
[INFO  tarssh] connect, peer:, clients: 1
[INFO  tarssh] connect, peer: [::1]:37494, clients: 2
[INFO  tarssh] disconnect, peer:, duration: 20.19s, error: Broken pipe (os error 32), clients: 1
[INFO  tarssh] disconnect, peer: [::1]:37494, duration: 30.08s, error: Broken pipe (os error 32), clients: 0
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