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Possible Storage Backends

I could create a more generalised "driver" system for storage of tasks Each client could connect to any number of drivers to store the tasks. This would mean that I'd need to bake reconcilation into the hypertask engine somehow. This is a cool idea, but almost definitly one I want to do after v0.2 has shipped

  • Plain file system
    • Simple
    • Integrates well with Dropbox, etc
    • Would need a custom server to share with a web client
    • No sharing mechanism built in
  • Git
    • Can slot on top of file system
    • Possible to use with web client, if hosted properly
    • Not really purpose built for this
  • Hyperdrive
    • Not stable
    • Or rusty
    • Has sharing built in
      • But only in a deamon-y way
      • would need a static service
    • Couldn't work with HTTP web client
  • Mongo
    • nice simple DB interface
    • would allow for a hosted db to store your tasks
    • equal access for cli and web client
    • SQL databases probably wouldn't work, I want to use a schema-less system so the schema is defined by the client

Does it actually make more sense to have a local cache, and an upstream driver that can be used to propagate changes? So each client has two components: one that handles updating the local cache, and one that syncronises the local cache with the upstream?

Notes to Self

Having a client/daemon architecture actually does lead to a more stateless and fault-tolerant solution. The client only ever reads and writes to the local file-system, which means it can always operate, regardless of network status or state consistency. The daemon should be able to sync the local file-system in a conflict free way with other clients, and it is controlled by the local file-system state.

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