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An object for DateTime and duration manipulation
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Recto @ 132da42


A DateTime and Duration parsing, stringifying, and manipulation library

Warning: if cloning, make sure you've installed the Recto submodule

Exposes two Objects: DateTime and Duration, which can both be constructed with unix or iso

  • DateTime.unix(_): input a number of seconds since Jan 1st 1970 and get a DateTime object
  • DateTime.iso(_): input a string in the format "2017-07-23T18:57:23Z"and get a DateTime
  • Duration.unix(_): input a number of seconds and get a Duration
  • Duration.iso(_): input a string in the format "2017-07-23T18:57:23Z", and get a Duration. doesn't really make sence, but what are you going to do..?

Currently lacks locales or timezones, please open an issue if you're using this library and need this functionality.

toString currently always formats the Tempo object as if it were a date, need to fix that


  • duration toString formatting
  • less fragile iso string parseing
  • custom input/output string formats based on template strings
  • fromNow stringifer ( eg:"3 days from now" producer)
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