Basic introduction to Frederik Vanhoutte's He_Mesh library for Processing. Orientated towards teaching the basic methods of geometry with He_Mesh with the aim to explore three dimensional form for printing.
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Beginner's introduction to Frederik Vanhoutte's He_Mesh library for Processing. The main aim of these sketches is to teach the basic steps to rendering 3D geometry for 3D printing. These sketches are also accompanied with some online tutorials.


  • 01_CUBES Introduces the fundamental methods for creating cube geometry and applying modifiers to change visual form.

  • 02_KEY_INTERFACE Adding some key input to modify shapes in realtime.

  • 03_CP5_INTERFACE Progressive development of sketches that use Andreas Schlegel's ControlP5 library. Neat sliders n' buttons for your formal delight in three dimensional explorations.

  • 04_CONES & CYLINDERS Working with conical and cylindrical shapes as well as taking a look at bending and twisting these objects to create interesting forms.

  • 05_MISC_SHAPES A few extras that came together in the development of things. Would be nice to add colloborative works from other people. We'll see. Perhaps a workshop with Fred some day would be a fruitful endeavour ;–)