A guide to contributing to open source
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Welcome newbie open source contributors!

This is a list of resources for people who are new to contributing to open source.

If you find additional resources, please contribute a pull request.

If you have questions or comments, please create an issue.

Contributing to open source in general

  • Up For Grabs - a list of projects with beginner-friendly issues
  • Issuehub.io - a tool for searching GitHub issues by label and language
  • First Timers Only - a list of bugs that are labelled "first-timers-only"
  • YourFirstPR - starter issues on GitHub that can be easily tackled by new contributors.
  • Awesome-for-beginners - a GitHub repo that amasses projects with good bugs for new contributors, and applies labels to describe them.
  • Openhatch - a non-profit organization that helps lower barriers of entry into open source. You can find bugs and projects here, as well.

Direct GitHub searches

Search links that point directly to suitable issues to contribute to on GitHub

Mozilla's contributor ecosystem

  • Good First Bugs - bugs that developers have identified as a good introduction to the project
  • Mentored Bugs - bugs that have a mentor assigned who will be there on IRC to help you when you get stuck while working on fix
  • Bugs Ahoy - a site dedicated to finding bugs on Bugzilla
  • Firefox DevTools - a site dedicated to bugs filed for the developer tools in the Firefox browser
  • What Can I Do For Mozilla - figure out what you can work on by answering a bunch of questions about your skill set and interests
  • Start Mozilla - a Twitter account that tweets about issues fit for contributors new to the Mozilla ecosystem

Useful articles for new open source contributors

Using version control