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Klaus Frank edited this page May 22, 2020 · 17 revisions

This page is not completed

Command line syntax has massively changed, which also affects plugins. This page needs updating. See CommandLineInterface

Plugins list

  • audin - Audio Input Redirection Virtual Channel Extension
  • cliprdr - Clipboard Virtual Channel Extension
  • drdynvc - Dynamic Virtual Channel Extension
  • rdpdr - Device Redirection Virtual Channel Extension
  • rdpsnd - Audio Output Virtual Channel Extension
  • tsmf - Video Redirection Virtual Channel Extension
  • rail - Remote Programs Virtual Channel Extension

Plugins usage

All plugins can be used by adding parameter --plugin <plugin name> in command line. But some plugins have extra parameters (sub-plugins). A plugin may have one or more parameters followed by its extra parameters.

Note: Extra parameters are triggered with '--data' and must be trailed for each plugin with '--' to mark the end of extra parameters for a particular plugin.

E.g.: xfreerdp --plugin rdpsnd --data alsa latency:50 -- --plugin drdynvc --data tsmf audin -- serveradress


  • --plugin cliprdr - Synchronize client and server clipboard data. This is the old syntax and now defunct. Use /a:cliprdr


  • --plugin rdpsnd --data alsa -- - use ALSA system
  • --plugin rdpsnd --data pulse -- - use PulseAudio
  • --plugin rdpsnd --data latency:50 -- - use rdpsnd with a given latency in ms


If you want any redirection to work with Windows Server 2012 you MUST use --plugin rdpsnd before you use any rdpdr options.

  • disk

--plugin rdpdr --data disk:<Name>:<Path> -- - redirect system <Path> as disk with name <Name>

Note: In newer freerdp versions, the "disk" parameter has been replaced by "drive" for compatibility reasons to MS RDP.

  • smartcard

--plugin rdpdr --data smartcard:<name> -- - redirect smartcard with name <Name>

  • serial

--plugin rdpdr --data serial:<serialport>:<device> -- - Redirect serial port (e.g. COMx) to the server

  • parallel

--plugin rdpdr --data parallel:<parallelport>:<device> -- - Redirect parallel port (e.g. LPTx) to the server

  • printer

--plugin rdpdr --data printer:<printername>:<driver> -- - Redirect one or more printers to the server

Previously, if both <printername> and <driver> are omitted, the printer sub-plugin will automatically redirect all CUPS printers using the default PostScript driver "MS Publisher Imagesetter". This is currently defunct.


  • --plugin drdynvc --data tsmf -- - enable multimedia redirect (note: read more on the MMR site of this wiki)
  • --plugin drdynvc --data tsmf:decoder:gstreamer -- - use gstreamer as media decoder. That tsmf can be used rdpsnd needs to be enabled (eg --plugin rdpsnd --data alsa --) as well.


  • --plugin drdynvc --data audin -- - enable audio-in redirect (microphone)

rail (RemoteApp mode)

  • --app --plugin rail --data "<exe_or_file>:<working_dir>:<arguments>" -- - Start RDP in RemoteApp mode, to launch only one application in seamless mode