Client-side code for Iznik, which is Freegle's platform
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Iznik is a platform for online reuse of unwanted items. This is the client half.

The development has been funded by Freegle for use in the UK, but it is an open source platform which can be used or adapted by others.

This codebase supports two sites - the user site Freegle Direct (aka FD), and the moderator site ModTools (aka MT). If you're not sure, you're probably interested in FD.

We welcome potential developers with open arms. Have a look at the wiki section.


This code is licensed under the GPL v2 (see LICENSE file). If you intend to use it, Freegle would be interested to hear about it; you can mail

Freegle's own use of this code includes a database of UK locations which is derived in part from OpenStreetMap data, and is therefore subject to the Open Database License. You can request a copy of this data by mailing


You'll need npm (>= v5.5.1) and node (>= 8.9.4). Then install all the dependencies:

npm install

Then start the dev server. If you are developing the user website (Freegle Direct aka FD) then run

npm run dev:fd 

Or for the ModTools site aka MT:

npm run dev:mt 

This will serve up the site at localhost:3000 for FD, or localhost:3000/modtools for MT. API requests are proxied to so you can use your account there, but social login won't work - only an email/password.

It will watch for changes and do hot module reloading.


When you are ready to build a production version run:

npm run build:fd


npm run build:mt

The files end up in dist/. When accessed it will connect to

Try it out locally

If you want to try out the production build, but serve it locally, you can build a local version:

npm run build:localfd


npm run build:localmt

This will be exactly like the production build, but connect to localhost:3000 or localhost:3000/modtools. Therefore you must run this local server, which you can do with:

npm run serve:fd


npm run serve:mt

This will serve up the built files from dist/ and proxy to the backend.