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Freeseer 3.0.1 bugfix release.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Re-enabled GStreamer debug logs
  • Change min framerate to 1 (#370)
  • Database upgrade failed when starting Freeseer (#401)
  • Config and DB initialized multiple times when running recordtool (#406)

@zxiiro zxiiro released this Sep 2, 2013

Assets 4

Freeseer 3.0.0 is finally released!

Below is a quick overview of the new features and bug fixes. For a full list of details, here are all the commits since v2.6, the most recent version before v3.0.

New Features:

  • Backend has been completely rewritten and cleaned up to enable several of the new features
  • Added Plugin system for handling GStreamer Input/Output and Mixers
  • USB Devices now use human readable names rather than /dev/videoX
  • RTMP streaming support (#206)
  • Add to RTMP plugin (#321)
  • Add support for configuring PulseAudio (#293)
  • Multiple Audio Input mixer (#317)
  • Add ability to export talks to CSV
  • Report Editor for reporting issues with the current talk (#154)
  • Added "Prepare to record" state to allow GStreamer time to initialize
  • Configuration is now saved automatically when a change is made
  • Reworked Translations system
  • Added complete Chinese and Japanese translations
  • Keyboard spacebar can now be used to start/stop recording
  • Use FreeDesktop Icons when available

Some Bug fixes:

  • Improved Windows support
  • Stabilize Picture-In-Picture plug-in (#294)
  • Fix for multiple input plugin instances (#320)
  • Add version upgrade support for the database (#277)
  • Fix database bugs causing talks to be out of order
  • Missing translations no longer display a blank string
  • Auto-hide now disabled by default