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Discord bot for programming, runs code (600+ langs), queries/show docs and references
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RTFM is a discord bot created to help you as a programmer directly from Discord It provides some helpful tools:

  • Languages documentations and references

  • Code execution (hundreds of languages availables with their different implementations)

  • Almost full StackExchange network questions

Current features

  • Code execution through, more than 600 languages, with support for compiler flags, command-line options and arguments ; and various inputs (processed in order).

  • Search through online documentations

    Already available
  • Search through online references (get preview result directly from Discord)

    Already available
  • Debian man pages (preview from Discord) (

  • Search questions on given StackExchange's website (less Area 51) : 289 websites

  • Small tools

    • Convert both ways text to numerical representation (UTF-8)
    • Display standard conversions of numerical storage unit for given value in given unit (Mio, Gio...)


  • More documentations and references to come

  • Programming/languages-specific tips

  • Your suggestions (open an issue)

Useful links

The bot is actively developed and keeps evolving. However, a stable and regularly updated version of the bot is online so you can test or show it.

Invite the bot to your server

Supporting the bot

You may

  • Leave a star on this github repository, it helps it get some visibility

  • Upvote it here, here and here

  • Share comments about the bot as well as its invite to other interested people

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