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RealHypnoticOcelot commented Oct 6, 2021


Having the bot give you a role based on a name of that role feels a lot less secure and more unreliable than giving you a role based on the role ID.

What and How?

In the config, it should request Role ID(i.e. 895290544421490758) instead of name(i.e. "Linked")

Are there alternatives?

I mean you could just keep what you currently have


  • I have used the search a
JohnScience commented Aug 10, 2018

The most of Discord bots are expected to provide "mute" and "ban" commands. Their implementation involves juggling with parsing strings just to get so-much-desired duration.


"3w 1d 11 [many spaces]h \t30m 20s 5ms"


  • duration.toWeeks() -> float
  • duration.toDays() -> float
  • duration.toMinutes() -> float
  • duration.toSeconds() -> float
  • duration.toMilliseconds()

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