- Interactive solar eclipse track modeling with Cesium
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Frencil emergency add cesium local build
- the cesium CDN has broken CORS headers that breaks eclipsetracks
- it's not clear when this change will be fixed upstream
- today is 2017-08-20. there's a big eclipse on 2017-08-21.
Latest commit 0598539 Aug 21, 2017

This repository is the source code for - Interactive solar eclipse track modeling with Cesium.

Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017


Cesium powers the application and is loaded via CDN links.

In the czml directory are generated CZML and JSON files for all eclipse events described (by ISO data and link to tabular data) in czml/events.txt. The python script scraper/ transforms NASA eclipse data into usable CZML files depicting tracks and shadows. Run from the scraper directory like so: