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The Frenetic LLC development team official GitHub page!

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  1. FreneticGameEngine FreneticGameEngine Public

    A powerful C# based 3D and 2D game engine.

    C# 12 5

  2. FreneticUtilities FreneticUtilities Public

    Various C# utilities used by Frenetic LLC.

    C# 5 2

  3. FreneticScript FreneticScript Public

    The Frenetic Scripting Engine (dll)

    C# 2 1

  4. FreneticForum FreneticForum Public

    An experimental new web forum made in C# using ASP.NET Core MVC and MongoDB!

    C# 2 2

  5. FreneticDiscordBot FreneticDiscordBot Public

    The official Discord bot of Frenetic LLC!

    C# 1 1

  6. FreneticLLCWebsite FreneticLLCWebsite Public

    The official website source for Frenetic LLC:



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