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IMPORTANT NOTE: please open tickets on the FreshRSS/freshrss.org bugtracker for any problem or suggestion.

A simple Pelican theme for freshrss.org. For instructions on how to use it, please have a look at the freshrss.org repository.

Freshican supports additional configuration variables:

  • SITELOGO: a URL to a logo image file
  • SITEINFOS: HTML informations to put in the footer
  • SOFTWARE: software name, useful to add a link to AlternativeTo
  • TWITTER: link to a Twitter account, add an icon link in the header bar

You can add a link at the bottom of articles to a page which host article's comments with a Comments_at metadata information. For instance:

Title: My new blog post!
Date: 2015-03-05
Comments_at: https://github.com/FreshRSS/freshrss.org/issues/16

This is a blog post. Yep!

If you don't use GitHub to host your comments, you should have a look at ./templates/_article_comments.html file to change the sentence (by default, “You can comment on GitHub”).

Note there is a FreshRSS-specific section in the ./templates/_header.html file. You can adapt this part to your own needs.