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Pupflow is a plugin for Blender to enable a user to control his rig with common USB joysticks (Video).



This folder contains a test scene with a slighty modified Big Buck Bunny rig to match or requirements. The scene contains a lot of "controllers", which are merely null objects. The translation (or rotation) of these null objects is (sometimes indirectly) mapped to the position and/or rotation of the bunny's bones. This way, the movement of a single controller can result in more complex animations. Take a look at how the ears work for example.

In the scripts folder resides This script opens a UDP server socket and accepts JSON-formatted input. Each field of the JSON has to correspond to a named object of the scene. The code is stolen from Delicode's NI Mate Kinect Plugin but has been modified as well.

The script is loaded via another in-scene script. Under Mac OS X this mechanism only works if you start Blender from the console in this blender directory.


This daemon written in Go uses SDL to interface the connected joysticks and polls every axis, button and hat. Each value is looked up in the configuration, packed into JSON and sent to the server. Configuration is done via a webinterface which is available on http://localhost:8181 by default. A axis can be mapped to any named scene object and the values can be remapped before being sent to Blender (effectively allowing the user to configure the mid-point, enable inverting etc). Rows are deleted by setting the target object to an empty string.


This is dirty. Oh god, this is so dirty. This is a last-minute hack to have some kind of greenscreen for a rehearsal shoot we did a while ago. Imagine two 640x480 rectangles sitting in the top left corner of your screen. This incredibly ugly Java app continuously grabs those 2 rectangles, keys the color green in the left image and layers the result over the right image. It works. But don't take this thing seriously.

If you need any help, feel free to contact us :)


Coming up...

Next up

  • OSC support
  • Easier configuration
  • Pretty interface


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