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PHP Consul SDK
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Exclude the bin folder from archive

This makes sure that the Cosul binaries used for testing are not
distributed in the Composer package.


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Consul SDK


This table shows this SDK compatibility regarding Guzzle version:

SDK Version Guzzle Version
1.x >=4, <6
2.x 6


This library can be installed with composer:

composer require sensiolabs/consul-php-sdk


The simple way to use this SDK, is to instantiate the service factory:

$sf = new SensioLabs\Consul\ServiceFactory();

Then, a service could be retrieve from this factory:

$kv = $sf->get(\SensioLabs\Consul\Services\KVInterface::class);

Then, a service expose few methods mapped from the consul API:

$kv->put('test/foo/bar', 'bazinga');
$kv->get('test/foo/bar', ['raw' => true]);

All services methods follow the same convention:

$response = $service->method($mandatoryArgument, $someOptions);
  • All API mandatory arguments are placed as first;
  • All API optional arguments are directly mapped from $someOptions;
  • All methods return raw guzzle response.

So if you want to acquire an exclusive lock:

// Start a session
$sessionId = $session->create()->json()['ID'];

// Lock a key / value with the current session
$lockAcquired = $kv->put('tests/session/a-lock', 'a value', ['acquire' => $sessionId])->json();

if (false === $lockAcquired) {

    echo "The lock is already acquire by another node.\n";

echo "Do you jobs here....";
echo "End\n";


Available services

  • agent
  • catalog
  • health
  • kv
  • session

Some utilities

  • Lock handler: Simple class that implement a distributed lock
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