Graph visualization of the Music in Movement project.
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Music in Movement - Graph visualization

mim-graph is a graph visualization for the Music in Movement project.

Please note: This repository only includes the visualization source code, not the complete Music in Movement dataset.


Clone the repository and change the config in src/Config.js to match your data endpoints. To make this visualization match your needs; you can also customize files like src/Components/Help/Help.js, src/Components/App/types.scss.


From your command line run:

  • npm install -- installs the required packages
  • npm run scss -- starts the SCSS compiler watch
  • npm start -- compiles the application and opens a browser at http://localhost:3000.


Include mim-graph on your page:

<link href="mim/mim-graph.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
<script src="mim/mim-graph.js"></script>

Set UTF-8 as the required charset:

<meta charset="utf-8">

Initializing visualizations

The library will automatically initialize on window.onload and inject the visualization in all elements with the class mim-graph.

Auto initializing can be prevented by setting window.MiMGraphAutoLoad=false; before window.onload is triggered.

Graph with focus on a specific entity with id composer-louis-andriessen:

<div class="mim-graph" data-node-id="composer-louis-andriessen"></div>

Graph with focus on a specific entity with id composer-louis-andriessen and height 600px:

<div class="mim-graph" data-height="600" data-node-id="composer-louis-andriessen"></div>

Height defaults to 800 and is limited by window.innerHeight

Full graph:

<div class="mim-graph"></div>

Event based control

The active node of the visualisation can be changed by sending a MIM_GRAPH_SET_ACTIVE_NODE event to the window with detail parameter: {detail: {nodeId: "composer-louis-andriessen"}}


In order to prevent conflicts with other code on the host page, mimgraph is limited to the following namespaces:

  1. CSS styling of the graph visualization has .mim-graph as root class.
  2. The Javascript is embedded in the object MiMGraph


The music in movement dataset has been excluded from this repository. Check MiMGraph.js for an example of the data format


License is provided in the file LICENSE.