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Tracer finds outdated running applications in your system

Tracer determines which applications use outdated files and prints them. For special kind of applications such as services or daemons, it suggests a standard command to restart it. Detecting whether file is outdated or not is based on a simple idea. If application has loaded in memory any version of a file which is provided by any package updated since system was booted up, tracer consider this application as outdated.


License: GNU GPL v2.0


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Please see User Guide

Supported distributions

Tracer currently supports the following distributions.

Their derivates might be supported as well, although some minor tweaks might be necessary.

Installation instructions

Please see Installation instructions in the documentation.


Please report any bugs or feature requests to issues on this repository. Pull requests are also welcome, but please visit Developer Guide first. If you rather want a talk or something, you can find me on #gentoo.cs or #fedora-cs at or you can mail me.

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