A simple tool to backup your files.
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The WABAC Machine

The WABAC Machine is an open-source, simple yet powerful backup utility written for UNIX-like systems. It uses rsync to perform efficient backups with a smart retention strategy. It has been tested on GNU/Linux (ext3 and Btrfs filesystems) and OSX (HFS+ filesystem).


  • Incremental backups.

  • Stores each backup in its own folder named after the current timestamp.

  • Uses hard-links to save space.

  • Supports excluding files (and patterns).

  • Smart backup retention. The WABACMachine keeps (defaults config) :

    • everything for the last 24 hours,
    • daily backups for the past 30 days,
    • weekly backups for the last 52 weeks,
    • monthly backups for the last 24 monthes.
  • Automatically deletes oldest backups when the destination volume runs out of space.

  • Resumes failed/interrupted file transfers.

  • Resumes failed/interrupted backups.

  • External config file.

  • latest symbolic points to the last successful backup.

  • Supports remote backups.

  • Supports preflight and postflight scripts.


Please read the wiki pages to get help.