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#ETS2/ATS Telemetry Plugin

This is a fork of the original telemetry plugin (by nlhans) tweaked specially for ETS2 Telemetry Web Server.

Version history

Revision 10 (19th June 2016)

  • implemented job information buffer to avoid unexpected reset when trailer is detached on the way

Revision 9 (28th March 2016)

  • refactored job information reset, should work a bit more stable

Revision 8 (13th March 2016)

  • fixed job information reset when job is done

Revision 5 (13th June 2015)

  • removed duplicated engine_enabled property which was a duplicate for electric_enabled property causing it not to work properly

Revision 4 (23th May 2015)

  • updated for SCS SDK 1.5
  • added support for new telemetry data
  • changed MMF name to "Local\Ets2TelemetryServer"


The MIT License (MIT)


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Telemetry Plug-in. The data is shared via Memory Mapped File.



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