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RealBot - by Stefan Hendriks

A server-side computer opponent (AI) for Counter-Strike 1.6

Install it as server admin, or on your own (listened) server to practice.

How to get RealBot up and running (to play)

Install Metamod

Download metamod from:

Instructions are for Windows, but are almost the same for Linux/Mac. Look into this guide for more information.

Assuming your HL_HOME is Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-life\

Go to HL_HOME:

  • go to cstrike sub dir
  • create dir addons (if already exists, skip this)
  • go into addons dir
  • create dir metamod, and go into it
  • create dir dlls.

You should have something like:


  • If you haven't yet, download the metamod DLL (windows binary), and unpack it into the dlls dir:


Within the metamod dir (not dlls!), create a file plugins.ini if it does not exist.


Make sure Metamod is used by counter-strike

Go to HL_HOME and go into sub-dir cstrike.

Find, and open, the file liblist.gam. Then go to, the part saying gamedll and change it into:

gamedll "addons/metamod/dlls/metamod.dll"

Install RealBot as metamod plugin

Simply download the latest RealBot version from Bots-United. Then, unpack it into the HL_HOME folder. This gives you:

HL_HOME\realbot, which is on the same level as cstrike and valve.

Then in the plugins.ini within the metamod folder (see above where), simply add this line:

win32 ../realbot/dll/realbot_mm.dll

How to get RealBot to compile

Fairly easy. The required dependencies are delivered in the repo.


  • Metamod 1.19
  • Half-Life 1 SDK - Multiplayer

Both are delivered in the repo already.

general steps

  • git clone this project
  • open up the realbot_mm visual studio solution
  • make sure your include paths are pointing to the correct source folder. They should point into your realbot project folder; instead of some arbitrary path you may find. You can find any source of the dependencies in folder dependencies

Include directories needed are:

  • hlsdk\multiplayer source\dlls
  • hlsdk\multiplayer source\common
  • hlsdk\multiplayer source\pm_shared
  • hlsdk\multiplayer source\engine
  • metamod 1.19\metamod

Be sure you have it in this order and have the Windows include directory be AFTER this order.

  • make sure the post-build step (which copies realbot_mm.dll file into the Realbot folder as mentioned above) works - or remove it and copy by hand yourself


Counter-Strike 1.6 - AI Opponent



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