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FusionAuth Issues

We hope you love using FusionAuth, but in case you encounter a bug or an issue with the software please do let us know.

Click on the Issues tab or click right here to open an issue.

Please only use this project to report or track issues with the product itself, if you have an issue with documentation or a client library see below for the correct place to report your issue.

Just have a question? Please ask it on StackOverflow so the entire community can benefit.

Client library bugs

If you encounter a bug in one of our client libraries, please open an issue directly on the corresponding project.

Security disclosures

If you find a vulnerability or other security related bug, please send a note to security@fusionauth.io before opening a GitHub issue. This will allow us to assess the disclosure and prepare a fix prior to a public disclosure.

We are very interested in compensating anyone that can identify a security related bug or vulnerability and properly disclose it to use.

Site or documentation bugs

If you find a bug or some other mistake on our site or in our documentation, please open an issue directly on our documentation project.

Enterprise Support

Enterprise support is offered by FusionAuth, please contact us and let us know how we can help. Find our Contact section on https://fusionauth.io.