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An attempt of dependency manager for Qt / C++, because I am sick of managing each C++ piece of code separately!

The current version is still a work in progress but it is now usable for non-critical projects!

Qompoter is good for:

  • easily share the required source dependencies of your Qt / C++ project with a team
    • describe them in a "qompoter.json" file
    • let Qompoter search and download them for you into a "vendor" directory
  • share C++ code to the inqlude repository, a development forge (like Github) or any local or remote Qompotist-fs repository
  • ease the repetability of the build
  • work with several platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac, ...)
  • keep it simple

Qompoter is also useful to share library (or binary) dependencies of you Qt / C++ project. However, keep in mind this is not that simple, this requires precompiling these dependencies somewhere for all the required targets (x86, x86_64, ARM, ...).