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G-Node Infrastructure command line client

This package is a command line client for interfacing with repositories hosted on GIN. It offers a simplified interface for downloading and uploading files from repositories hosted on Gin. For a guide on how to use the GIN service and this client, see the GIN quick start page.


The following is a description of the available commands in the GIN client. In the command line, you can view a basic list of commands by running

gin -h

You can also run

gin help <cmd>

to get the full description of any command.

The table below describes the commands and their arguments. Please note:

  • Arguments enclosed in square brackets (e.g., [<filenames>]) are optional.
    • Generally, when a command specifies that it accepts [<filenames>] it means the user can limit the application of the command to specific filenames and directories. Multiple arguments may be specified (separated by space). If none are listed, the command will apply to all files and directories below the current working directory.
  • Arguments listed together separated by a pipe (e.g., --here | --no-clone) denotes that the two options cannot be specified at the same time.

GIN command line client


gin <command> [<args>...]
gin --help
gin --version


-h --help    This help screen
--version    Client version


login          [<username>]
	Login to the GIN services

	Logout from the GIN services

create         [--here | --no-clone] [<name>] [<description>]
	Create a repository on the remote server and clone it

get            <repopath>
	Retrieve (clone) a repository from the remote server

ls             [-s | --short | --json] [<filenames>]
	List the sync status of files in a local repository

unlock         [<filenames>]
	Unlock files for editing

lock           [<filenames>]
	Lock files

upload         [<filenames>]
	Upload local changes to a remote repository

download       [--content]
	Download all new information from a remote repository

get-content    [<filenames>]
	Download the content of files from a remote repository

getc           [<filenames>]
	Synonym for get-content

remove-content [<filenames>]
	Remove the content of local files that have already been uploaded

rmc            [<filenames>]
	Synonym for remove-content

repos          [--shared | --all]
	List remote repositories

repos          [<username>]
	List available remote repositories for specific user

info           [<username>]
	Print user information

keys           [-v | --verbose]
	List the keys associated with the logged in user

keys           --add <filename>
	Add/upload a new public key to the GIN services

help           <command>
	Get help for individual commands

Use 'help' followed by a command to see full description of the command.