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An XBox 360 SPI NAND flasher for AT90USB-style chips
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This is an XBox 360 SPI NAND programmer for all AT90USB-style Atmel
AVR controllers.
It is mostly based on the picflash and can be seen as a port.

The firmware was developed on an AT90USBKey, but all other AVRs which
have an integrated USB Controller (and are supported by LUFA) should
work, too. Just have an eye on the voltage your board uses. The USBKey
has a 3,3V power supply which is exactly the voltage needed.
The firmware was tested on a 16MB NAND only, so be careful if you have
a 256MB oder 512MB Jasper console.

If you want to change the SPI Pinout, you can do so in the XSPI.h file
in the defines.

I also put some work into the XFlash script which now has a fancy
argument parser, which puts some life into the start and end parameters.
struct.pack in the USB Code now uses always 32 bit little endian
integers to make it work on 64 bit systems.

To use it, just edit the said XSPI.h header file to match your pinout,
run make, put your controller into DFU mode, and run make dfu to
programm the firmware. After that it should be useable right away.
Of course, you need a working AVR-GCC setup and the dfu-programmer for this.

If you want some RS232 debugging output, remove the comment on the DEBUG
define in the Flasher.c file.

Patches are very much appreciated!
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